STEP ONE in healing your gut


Do you feel as though you have been doing all you can to heal your gut, yet you still haven’t made the progress you want?

You’ve given up gluten, ditched the dairy, you drink bone broth and kombucha, you do all the “things,” and yet, you still have pain, discomfort or fatigue.


This is a very common scenario that I see, clients coming to me that are ready to give up or have hit a plateau in their healing.

Too many try to skip step number one in healing their gut, only to have to come back later in frustration to complete it.


STEP ONE: identify who’s in your house


Imagine having a party, hundreds are there but you don’t know a single person. There’s a group by the door trying to who’s coming in but they are overwhelmed and can't keep control anymore. There’s a few party crashers storming around, throwing the decorations on the floor, picking fights with other party goers, and an exhausted few trying to keep some order and authority. You would want to know who these people are right? You would want some control on who is coming into your house!?


This can be a lot like what’s happening in your GI tract. You have TRILLIONS of bacteria living in your gut, trying to keep some order to your digestion and immune system. These guys are our natural friends, they are the first line of defense for your system. They say who should stay out of your body and what can come in. They fight off intruders and even help create nutrients. But in this day and age with poor nutrition, a bombardment of chemicals, overuse of antibiotics, lack of activity, etc. etc. It is easy for them to lose control of who should be in your body. You may party crashers such as candida yeasts, parasites, bad bacterial infections and viruses make themselves at home and cause chaos.


If you have been suffering from poor health or symptoms, identifying who is in your body is STEP ONE of healing. Otherwise, you can spend time and money trying to guess what is happening and making very little progress.


Your intestinal health is the prerequisite for a healthy body. Proper digestion and absorption is so critical that every process in your body is dependent upon proper functioning of this system. Having a pathogen or infection in your gut blocks this fundamental system.


These infections are a common source of what we call “hidden stress.” Hidden stress is something happening in your body that is blocking you from healing and leading you to disease by causing a chronic stress response in the body. By performing an easy lab test, you can make these stressors known so that you can properly address them and heal naturally.


I had a client that has gone through years of digestive pain and symptoms. Chronic fatigue, muscle pain, food reactions and a very restricted diet were still a part of her daily living, despite all her efforts to heal her gut. After performing an easy stool test (learn about the GI-MAP I use here) we were able to identify that she had a candida yeast infection, an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and a heightened immune response taking place in her gut. This explained many of her symptoms and why she was not getting better.

With this identification, we were able to prioritize her natural healing approach to eradicate the yeast infection, to re-balance the good bacteria and to decrease her inflammation. Through proper diet and supplementation she was able to rebuild her gut and immune system and finally get rid of her symptoms.


I have seen this time and time again, people able to finally find an approach that works because they know now what is happening in their body. Wouldn't it feel good to know for sure what you have happening in your gut? Would it be reassurance to know that you are taking the right kind of probiotics, or that that kombucha is not actually hindering your gut health? 


Infections in your gut are often the result of a compromised function, such as gut permeability, auto-immunity and inflammation. Testing can give us insight into the many areas of concern:

  • Pathogens and infections that should not be in your body.
  • Microorganisms that are normally in your body but are at a higher or lower level than normal.
  • Show a weakened function in the person, limited ability to break down food or absorb nutrients, inability to properly detoxify.
  • Signal heightened immune response, gut permeability, response to gluten, and inflammation.
  • If supplements are helping or hindering your healing process


Healing naturally can take time, commitment and trust in yourself. Having the ability to test gives you the edge in this fight.

If you would like to learn more about Gut testing and the GI-MAP microbial assay please contact me