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Are you tired of chasing symptoms and looking for answers? I've been there, going from doctor to specialized appointment after appointment. It got exhausting, and I always ended up with more prescription recommendations or "quick fixes" that weren't really fixes at all. I want to break this cycle for you. I want you to live in optimal health, the way you DESERVE to feel.

Services Include

Functional Lab Testing

I offering functional labs that help us get to the ROOT cause of your health issues by learning what is happening in your body. Unlike many tests that are done at your doctor's office, these are not diagnostic and we are not just treating the results. We actually get to learn how your body is functioning, patterns that are taking place, areas of weakness, where your health may be blocked, and how we can personalize your health care strategy that we know is going to help and get results!

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Women's Health and Fertility Care

Are you tired of cycling through services, not finding answers, not getting better?  You want full support to find answers and end your frustration with lasting changes. Or you are already dedicated to your healthy lifestyle and you want to optimize it to your highest potential.

Crystal works with you to provide  in-depth, focused evaluation of your body’s systems and health concerns. She will use comprehensive questionnaires and functional lab testing to look at your systems, such as your gut microbiome, immune system, hormones and adrenal system, or toxic burden. Programs include in depth interpretations, personalized recommendations and programs to finally receive some answers to your health challenges.


Detoxification and Blood Sugar Balancing Programs

Using Whole Foods (no supplements required) these 28-day or 42-day meal plan programs will help you get your health back on track while learning skills you can use for the rest of your life.

These comprehensive programs will give you all the tools you need to make it easy, meal plans, shopping lists, guide book, 50+ recipe book, extra handouts and the one-on-one support of having a nutritionist to help guide you through any obstacles and personalizations.

The 3 phase approach to help women and couple's naturally mend and maximize their fertility for a healthy conception, pregnancy and baby.

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