Why I don’t use the term “Adrenal Fatigue” and how it may be holding you back

When you keep spinning in circles...

The term "adrenal fatigue" is used heavily these days. And yes, I have used it in the past as well.

But this term is not working anymore, and I have found that it can actually be holding some people back from healing and getting better. When we say adrenal "fatigue" we often think of chronic fatigue, sleep issues, cravings, stubborn weight, and host of other issues. And while these issues can be very real, and you may have a problem with your adrenals, it is not because they are "fatigued." 

When we describe our adrenals as being fatigued that makes you think they just need to rest more. That is just a matter of becoming tired. However, your adrenals do not just get tired and stop working.

When you are having symptoms that may be related to adrenal dysfunction the first thing to is to see where EXACTLY your hormone levels lie. You can not just guess by looking at a person or by matching up your symptoms. It takes a comprehensive approach and testing to see the levels of the cortisol metabolites and sex hormones will help led you to the answers of what is going on and how you can fix it. If you actually have high cortisol roaming your body but you thought you had low cortisol, you can make mistakes when trying to find relief.

Instead of thinking of Adrenal Fatigue, think are your adrenals suffering from Insufficiency, a blockage, or resistance?

Some examples of these may be:

  • Insufficiency of adrenals not making cortisol
  • Cortisol production suppressed from an outside source
  • Inability to create enough energy to produce cortisol
  • Oxidative stress and damage to cells
  • Is it a completely different factor unrelated to your adrenals such as poor blood sugar management or leptin resistance?

Chronic stress and inflammation can cause havoc in your adrenal function, and rest can certainly reduce these and help you heal. But getting a better view into your body will help you stop spinning in circles with the symptoms and finally overcome your adrenal issues for good!