The Problem with the IIFYM Diet

  This diet trend of IIFYM has thousands of well-meaning health enthusiasts diligently tracking their food every day in the name of nutrition, but so many of them are missing the critical concept of what IIFYM is intended to do, … Continued

My 5 Favorite Grain-free Replacements

Going grain-free can be a great way to switch your focus on a more un-processed whole foods approach as well as be extremely beneficial for those battling chronic inflammation and health symptoms. Grains can be inflammatory to many, even if you do … Continued

6 Surprising Side Effects of “The Pill”

Birth control has been a critical medical step for women and an important choice that can be made. However, with Oral contraceptives or “the pill,” education and knowledge of how it affects your body and future is not put on … Continued

Eating a Plant-focused Paleo Diet

Plant-focused Paleo When you first think of paleo what comes to mind? I would not be in the slightest surprise if bacon was your first instinct. Rightly so, you search paleo hashtags for recipe or meal inspiration and you will … Continued

How I got rid of my Hives

Hives and Gut Infections This past winter I was suffering from severe hive breakouts. I had hives everyday for weeks, they started shortly after I got a sinus infection and came on full force. They were so bad that I … Continued

3 “Health Foods” That are NOT Healthy

3 "Health Foods" that are not really healthy With all the marketing and labels out there on food products it is hard to keep track of what is actually good for you and what is just another trendy scheme. Here … Continued