Build Optimal Health

Based on the concepts of functional medicine, I help you identify the root cause of your health issues to eliminate symptoms, instead of masking them with prescriptions. 

We work through functional lab testing, getting to know your story, and learn about your unique bio-individuality to create a holistic, comprehensive strategy to reach your goals. We work to increase energy, boost your immune system, heal the gut, and reach optimal health.


Whether you have specific health obstacles you would like to overcome, need some fine-tuning, or support with your diet and nutrition we will work together to find a solution.

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Health & Nutrition Consulting

Get to the root cause of your health concerns and make lasting changes!

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Genetic testing services for you and your family

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Recipes & Products

Do-it-yourself Detox Program & 28 days of Healthy Recipes

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Chef Services

Private Chef Services

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What People are Saying

"Working with Crystal has been a huge answer to prayer. I had been meeting with typical PCPs for 6 years who always tried to push painkillers and drugs on me to help me with my migraines, but never tried to get to the root of the issue. She was so patient and encouraging from the very start, listening to my concerns and trusting that I knew my body and that something deeper was wrong. She coached me through diet and lifestyle changes, as well as nutritional and hormonal testing. The recommendations she has made have produced great improvements in my health, and it's the first time in years I feel in control of my health and wellness. I enthusiastically recommend Crystal as a functional nutritionist, plus her recipes are amazing!
- Heather J.
“As someone who has endured her own health challenges, Crystal is a role model to her clients, has immense compassion and can relate to her clients’ goals and difficulties, which I find to be a critical element for any health practitioner.”
- Megan N.
“Crystal Melanson is the most amazing person you will ever meet! She is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition, diets and healing the body with the right foods in the right balance. She makes it seem so easy and is perfectly able to communicate all of these things in a way that anyone can understand… The services she has provided me have been much more valuable than anything a doctor has been able to do. I have been fighting this for five years but have had it my whole life. She has saved me so much time, frustration and maybe even my life. I will be forever in her debt for what she has done for me. If you are questioning whether any of this might be for you… call her! You will not be disappointed!”
- Walt K.
"Before we started I was afraid that I would wondering down another path towards addressing my migraines that would yield in more mysteries and a lack of clarity and I wasn't sure if I could take more disappointment. It has been exactly the OPPOSITE, I feel so much hope and have a clear plan to find healing.
-Heather J
"We're eating well, saving money on wasted groceries, and enjoying INCREDIBLE FOOD. This is one of the best presents my husband and I have ever given to our family."
- Amy L.